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„I would rather be a unicorn” is a sentence from my drawing called „Woman with lamb”. This was also the title of the exhibition I organised in 2016 in Budapest and in 2017 in Vác. This sentence and the related pictures are about any religious dilema, doubts and questions about sin, failures and justice.


"Monologue", 2016., 28x20 cm, pencil

"Woman with lamb"

"Woman with lamb", 2014-2016., 40x20 cm, pencil

"Woman with lily"

"Woman with lily", 2017., 42x30 cm, pen

"Morning I."

"Morning I.", 2016., 21x30 cm, pencil


"Prayer", 2015., 21x30 cm, pencil

"Morning II."

"Morning II.", 2016., 21x30 cm, pencil

"Underbody flu"

"Underbody flu", 2014.-2015., 42x30 cm, mixed technics


"Miracle", 2012., 42x30 cm, pen


"Night", 2013., 40x20 cm, pen


"Jesebel with some borrowed Béla Kondor motives", 2015., 20x40 cm, pencil


"Upss", 2016., 21x30 cm, pencil

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