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The Book of Gals project / 2020

The Book of Gals is made by two lovely girls, Dorina (@beautypreneur) and Nikki (@FitChick Nikki), two brave Hungarian female entrepreneurs who have lived in Dublin for several years. 

The Book of Gals is a calendar designed to support and inspire women entrepreneurs in Ireland. In this book, every month covers have a coloring page drawn by me. The topic is the beauty and the variegation of womanliness. Creating this picture was great fun and interesting experience for me.

By making the illustrations, I wanted to emphasize the importance of accepting our femininity and differences, a positive body image, and being able to live in peace with ourselves.

In the spring of 2021, we are planning an art exhibition event in Dublin, Ireland where you can watch the original illustrations and other artworks.

The artworks are for sale.

More info about the Book of Gals: @thebookofgals

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