The last selfie of the Medusa

"The last selfie of the Medusa", 2019. pencil


"Silence", 2019., pen

Butterflies in Babylon

"Butterflies in Babylon", 2017., pen

I wanna be Siva

"I wanna be Siva", 2018, pencil


"Meeting", 2019., pen

Self portrait with Van Gogh

"Self portrait with Van Gogh", 2019., pencil


"Melancholia", 2018., pencil

The sleep of reason produces monsters

"The sleep of reason produces monsters", 2019., pen


"Wounds", 2019., pen

Self portrait with monkeys

"Self portrait with monkeys", 2019., pencil

Morning dissociation

"Morning dissociation", 2019., pen


"Help", 2018., pencil

Holy help

"Holy help", 2017., pencil

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