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M.F.Strohman is a fictive character I met during my career as a financial assistant in Budapest. An attractive, naive woman who enthusiastically expresses her loyalty to those who use her. She is very busy, she manages offshore companies, arranges everything, solves all problems. She washes her hands, because higher powers decide instead of her. That is life, that is hierarchy, that is our country, that is the world, she thinks. Her drama is that she is always looking for truth and love, but usually only finds sex and money.

"The birth of M.F.Strohman inCyprus"

"The birth of M.F.Strohman in Cyprus", 2017., 40x20 cm, pencil

"M.F.Strohman and the third rider"

"M.F.Strohman and the third rider", 2017., 30x42 cm, pencil

MF.Strohman is writing the contracts

"M.F.Strohman is writing the contracts", 2017., 30x42 cm, pencil


"Dinner", 2016., 30x42 cm, pencil

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