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Kata Végh was born in Tatabánya (Komárom-Esztergom county, Hungary) on 3 June 1984. Until the age of 18, she lived in the small village of Szár (Fejér County, Hungary). She graduated in 2009 from the Edutus University in Tatabánya as an economist (specialist in finance and trade). From 2009 to 2014 she studied theology at the Theological College Sola Scriptura, but she never finished it. (When asked how she got to the theological college, she answers: „I don’t remember, somebody put something in my drink”.) She has been working for almost 10 years in the field of finances in Tatabánya and Budapest. She has been living in Budapest since 2010.

She has been drawing since her early childhood. Her talent was discovered very early by her art teachers and she was prepared to be a graphic artist until the age of 18. Then she suddenly changed her plans due to financial reasons. She put off her artistic ambitions for almost 10 years until 2012. Then she started to make drawings again and had her first solo exhibition in Tatabánya. Since 2012 she has taken part in several solo and group exhibitions.  She likes mixing profane and sacred themes and uses a very ironic and humorous tone. Her characters are disconcertingly grotesque women and men, who openly undertake their fallibility and weaknesses. She likes illustrating literary works such as the Old Testament, the Revelation to John, mythological stories, as well as contemporary poems.

Since January 2017, she has organized creative workshops in Budapest.

She writes short stories.

Her mentors:  Adam Lévai (graphic artist, Tata), Pál Gerber (painter, Budapest).

Her favorite artists: Lajos Szalay, Béla Kondor, László Réber, István Szathmáry, Ádám Lévai. Dürer, Caravaggio, Chagall. Kurt Vonnegut, Milan Kundera, István Örkény, Attila József.


Solo exhibitions:

2024  "Why did they go there? / Minek ment oda?" (Konnektor Művészeti Inkubátorház, Budapest)

2018   "Female Ego" (Wine&U Bar, Gozsdu Court, Budapest)

2017   „I would rather be a unicorn” (Gallery of State Library, Vác)

2016  „I would rather be a unicorn” (Divine&Delicia Wine and Cake Bar, Budapest)

2015   „Early drawings” (Divine&Delicia Wine and Cake Bar, Budapest)

2014   „Soul improvisations” (Gallery Ballony, Budapest)

2014   „Hidden contents” (College of Modern Business Studies, Tatabánya)

2012   Gallery Puskin, Tatabánya


Group exhibitions:

2024 "Neighbours" (with Anikó Hankusz aka Hanlinne, in Wekerlei Kultúrház, Budapest)

2024  "Revealed mythology" (with István Szathmáry, in Éva Dóka Winery, Zalaszentgrót, Hungary)

2024  "Revealed mythology" (with István Szathmáry in Literary Café, Tata, Hungary)

2023  In memoriam Lajos Kassák (Autumn Exhibition, Contemporary Gallery, Tatabánya)

2022   Works on Paper, Brick Lane Gallery, London

2021 "The deep is silent" (Autumn Exhibition, Contemporary Gallery, Tatabánya)

2021   "TOPArt exhibition", Tata, Hungary

2019 "Play and reality" (with Anikó Hankusz, Gallery of State Library, Gyöngyös)

2019  "Layers" (Autumn Exhibition, Contemporary Gallery, Tatabánya)

2017  „Slot” (Autumn Exhibition, Contemporary Gallery, Tatabánya)

2014  „Crisis as a transformation” (Magnet Community House, Budapest)

2012  Exhibitions with the art group „Tatavölgyi alkotók” (Gallery Puskin, Tatabánya)

2000  „Poem illustrations”, (Vertes Agora, Tatabánya)

1999   Green Gallery, Ministry of National Development, Budapest

Art Projects:

2021    Cornwall project, UK

2021    Book of Gals project, Ireland

2019 - 2023   Book covers and illustrations

2017 - 2023   Creative workshops with artist Anikó Hankusz


2022     Illustrations in "Alföld" literary journal

2022     Proses in the online magazine "Szófa".

2022     Proses in magazine "Magyar Hang"

2021     Proses in magazine "Magyar Hang"

2021     Illustrations in "Új Forrás" literary journal

2020     Illustrations in "Élet és Irodalom" literary journal


English (level C)

German (level B)

Hungarian (native)

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